Best Wireless Speakers – My Top Picks!

Best Wireless Speakers – My Top Picks!

Numerous wireless speakers are released every year. With advent of smartphones and tablets a lot of people want to play music with no strings attached. All wireless speakers have one thing in common, Bluetooth capability! There other wireless technologies but Blue-tooth is paramount.

Vifa Oslo

They come in captivating design. They brings with them satisfactory bass and simmering audio with defined frequencies. It is portable and allows Blue-tooth connection from other audio delivery systems. They are not cheap, going at $549.00. It is worth it considering the audio quality it provides.

One flaw of Vifa Oslo is that it does not provide on-board track switching controls. There is also slight delay lasting few seconds just before the track start playing.

EcoXGear EcoCarbon

Resembles a chain box with rugged corners. Unlike other portable speakers with water resistance capability, EcoXGear EcoCarbon speakers are all waterproof. They can actually get soaked in water, float and still provide incredible sound, complete with Blue-tooth capability. Furthermore, they come equipped with a spotlight and can charge your mobile phone. An outstanding feature though, is the fact that they these speakers are made of carbon fiber plastics, an excellent way of conserving environment. Going at $129.99, it is probably the cheapest sound solution for your summer.

The audio quality however, doesn’t match its peers in quality.

Amazon Echo

They come in form of a cylinder of different colors with a luminous lid. Among its outstanding features is Alexa, a voice recognition tool and ability to faultless work with devices from other manufactures.

One flaw though, the sound gets distorted unreasonably as you raise the volume.

The audio quality is however, great, going at $179.90.

Amazon Echo

Bose SoundLink Mini II

With over fifty years of making audio equipments, this is yet another effort by Bose to deliver another great portable speakers since the iconic SoundLink Mini. SoundLink Mini II comes in form of Bose’s traditional rectangular box with slightly curved top and base, small enough to grasp in your hand. The impressive bass produced is amazing at its size. The speaker has ability to connect to two other Blue-tooth devices at the same time. They are also surprisingly affordable, going at $199.00.

One tiny flaw though, the digital volume navigation distorts the bass quality.

Audioengine HD3

They come in captivating design in pairs often made of wood. The high fidelity audio output is excellent. To boost bass, you use them in combination with a sub-woofer through Blue-tooth connection. It is the latest craze for audiophiles, bringing with it satisfactory frequency responses at a quite affordable $399.00

If you are in however, searching for a heavily booming bass device, this device is slightly disappointing.

Harman Kardon Onyx Mini

The design is unique, with the speaker coming in form of an almost perfect sphere with a flattened base for stability. The audio performance is great. The deep clear base is also excellent. It has stereo fielding capability enabling you to pair it with another speaker. It also comes with an incorporated speaker-phone. It cost $86.87, making it a choice for most audiophiles on budget.

The list of best audio device is hard to exhaust. Frequently visiting tech blogs will provide you with up to date cues on the latest release.

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